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It’s so great to have a family blog on Tweekaboo where we can always access our memories and never worry about privacy James, Capetown

I woke up in the middle of the night here in NZ thinking – is there an online version of a baby book that is TOTALLY Private and user-controlled that I can save stuff to so that when my children are older they can look back at the way they were – and then I came across Tweekaboo! Rebecca, Auckland

By the way, your service and App simply rocks! I've been looking for something like that for a long time, and even found some options, but none as good as Tweekaboo. Cristian, Sao Paolo


Now I don’t have to worry about not keeping my old baby diaries up to date - thank you Tweekaboo!! Marie, Dublin

Thanks for your prompt response. I don't know how you do it. I'm wanting to start an Internet start up but customer support is a barrier. You're doing an amazing job & I wish you all the success. Michelle, Florida

Whenever I open up Tweekaboo, it lightens up my day :) Carol, Chicago

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West London Mum

West London Mum - How APPropriate!

The little moments are what make memories…whether it’s their first steps, going across the monkey bars all by themselves or puddle jumping after a big rain storm. It’s those times you wish you had your camera when sadly you don’t. However, most people always have their phones with them. Thankfully, Eugene Murphy – a father of four, realized how much time he and others were documenting their family’s life with phones instead of a cameras and had his eureka moment which lead to Tweekaboo.

Tweekaboo is a free downloadable APP, that allows you to store your texts, photos and videos in a secure online environment. The APP merges with your camera and eliminates that extra step of downloading to your computer. So all you need to do is document, write a little note to go with the video or picture and it’s instantly uploaded to the Tweekaboo environment. Safe and secure.

In addition to acting as your online diary, friends and family can be granted access to view your profile so they can share in these special moments as well. No more group emails! Life happens on the go andTweekaboo comes along for the journey.

The Tweekaboo APP is currently still in beta phase, which they are offering for free…so sign up and start capturing.

For more information on West London Mum, please click here.

Apps4Moms reviews Tweekaboo

Admit it, you’re one of those moms that plasters your Facebook with photos of your kids, and it has become more of a shrine of your beloved offspring, than about you and “socially networking”. I think we’ve all been guilty of that at some point in our online lives. Maybe you’re like me, and had a terrible shock of inevitable doom when you realized that you had a thousand images of your child on your phone or computer, but none in print. I have a friend that lost all her baby images of her son when her computer crashed, and had no photos in print. That just stinks.

So here’s the point in the blog post where I tell you about this app that solves those problems above (granted, it’s nothing compared to problems of poverty, war, or the economy, but work with me here, Mamas ;) ).


Tweekaboo, an online private photo and video diary, allows you to instantly upload photos and videos from your phone, to a secure online account, that you can easily share with friends and family. Sign up for a free account, download the free app, invite those that really care about all the big and little moments of your children’s lives, and invite other moms to join too. I know most of your Facebook friends love to see pictures of your kids, but your single friends may not care to see twenty different shots of your kid with chocolate all over his or her face as much as Grandma would. Invite her, and your best Mom pals. Don’t get this app wrong, for big milestones you wish to share with everyone, there is a feature to post your entry on Facebook or send as a Tweet.

Tweekabo> is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and I did mention that it’s FREE right? Nothing to lose.

What’s also really neat about this app, is that you can save text messages received and sent when your child was born, and write notes to them when they are babies, that they can read later on in life. Take pictures of their artwork to store in your online album, and help de-clutter the refrigerator without getting that broken heart feeling of throwing away a piece of paper, torn from a coloring book, that they colored pretty well within the lines…maybe that’s just me?

The app operates like this: Tweekaboo opens to the camera mode so you don’t have to fumble with tapping all over your phone to take a picture, or just grab a photo from your camera roll, and label it within the note fields. Then chose how and with whom you wish to share the post, and then upload the post directly to your online account. You can access your account on your computer and gain use to other neat tools like a calendar. Your friends can also comment on your diary postings, and you can view your friends’ diaries, too.

Tweekaboo keeps your photos, videos, and momentos of your little ones organized and safe, and easily available to share with friends and family, allowing you to keep a virtual memory book to present to your child later in life.

Create your free account or learn more about Tweekaboo at tweekaboo.com

Disclosure: I do not receive compensation for writing this app review. The photos used were taken as screen shots from my iPhone or iPad. Views expressed in this review are purely and only mine. Pricing was accurate at the time of this review.

Published in Apps4Moms. View original review.

Thank you Kandice!


Eumom reviews Tweekaboo

If you are one of those parents who keeps most of your children’s cutest photos and videos captured on your phone then Tweekaboo might just be your new best friend.

Tweekaboo is a new iPhone App that merges your phone’s camera with an online digital
album. It allows you to upload the priceless photos and videos captured on your phone
to create a private diary telling the story of your child’s early years.

Tweekaboo also features a private social network to enable secure sharing of photos and videos with family and close friends online and is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter.


It’s no secret that busy mums are juggling about 10 different things at once and some of the latest smartphone applications are designed to make things just that bit easier.


With a new baby, you’ll no doubt be in the snap happy phase of taking lots of photographs of your little bundle of joy. And with more and more phones having a camera built in, you are pretty likely to have some great snaps and videos on your phone, if that’s you, Tweekaboo may be the app for you.

Tweekaboo is an iPhone App that merges your phone’s camera with an online digital
diary. It allows you to upload the priceless photos and videos captured on your phone
to create a private diary telling the story of your child’s early years.

You can choose to share your diary with close friends and family within the sites own
private social network, or for the more extroverted parent, Tweekaboo is also fully
integrated with Facebook and Twitter.
The Cork company behind the app is conducting private trials at the moment and are looking for parents to try out the app for free. You can download tweekaboo for free from the app store or sign up at www.tweekaboo.com See their Facebook page as well at www.facebook.com/tweekaboo

MakeUseOf.com: Cool Photo & Video Diary for your child’s life

Memories are a part of everyone’s life. Some hold sentimental values, other important values in life. Yet, one thing is for certain for each one of them – memories stay a part of life, and many people prefer to save them and cherish them.

Tweekaboo is a website solely for that very purpose. To save little memories that cherish big moments later on in life. Tweekaboo in the simplest definition “is a photo and video diary that tells the story of a child’s life”

An amazing thing regarding Tweekaboo is the fact that everything can be done quickly from your mobile device, and not only videos and photographs but also notes can be saved. Maybe your child’s first poem, his first test!

Using the service is very easy. One has to make an online account on Tweekaboo, where a person will also choose his phone device and download the application for that. Login into that account from your phone device, capture cherishing moments and post away. You can also share the private moments with friends and family later on via Tweekaboo’s private folder URL, different social networks including Facebook or Twitter and via email. To access any file, you can wish to do so from your phone or computer any time from anywhere.

You may also look at your friend’s diary and keep track of their child’s milestones. This way a mini-community is developed between parents.

You may choose to order photographs saved in Tweakaboo which can be used in child’s personal childhood albums, year books and more.



  • Its Free.
  • Capture text, video, photographs right from your phone.
  • Access friend’s diaries.
  • Order prints to use in yearbooks and photograph albums.
  • App available for different mobile OS.
  • Still in beta stage.

Check out the original review © www.makeuseof.com (by Hammad from TechnicallyDigital)

What the press are saying

Tweekaboo a pleasant surprise for those sharing private photos

The Irish Times

As published in the Irish Times December 16th 2011 by John Collins

A CORK start-up is hoping to capitalise on the privacy backlash against Facebook by launching a service for parents to securely and privately share pictures and videos of their children.

Tweekaboo, established by consulting engineer Eugene Murphy, launched publicly last September, and has already signed up users in 28 countries despite no investment in marketing.

“The next wave of social networking is going to be private social networking,” said Murphy.

Describing the service as a “photo and video diary that tells the story of your child’s life”, Tweekaboo has developed an iPhone app that allows users to quickly upload photos and videos on the go.

Tweekaboo’s research shows that 80 per cent of the users of the site are using their iPhone as their primary camera.

Murphy, who has four children, said the idea for the service came to him after the birth of his first child and the amount of texts, photos and videos that he accumulated on his phone.

“Our mobiles tell a great story because they are where the stories are being captured, but we are not backing them up.”

He believes parents are reluctant to use services like Facebook to share pictures and videos of their children as they only want them to be seen by a small circle of family and friends. “Our service is 100 per cent secure and private,” said Murphy. “People can share just on Tweekaboo or put some of the content on Facebook.”

Murphy has funded Tweekaboo from his own resources to date, but said he has had “positive engagements” with angel investors and seed funds, and expects to secure an initial funding round early in the new year.

Tweekaboo will next release a version of its app for iPads and will follow that with an Android version. Nine people are working on Tweekaboo on a full- or part-time basis, and Murphy says he “has a team identified and ready to go when funding is in place”.

Tweekaboo will make money by selling additional services such as the ability to upload longer videos and printing physical diaries.


West London Mum

Ten start-ups to Watch in 2012 (The Sunday Business Post)

The Sunday Business Post

Founder: Eugene Murphy.

What it does: private social networking that allows parents to keep a record of their children’s early years.

With privacy becoming an increasing issue for many social networking users, Tweekaboo has taken a different approach by launching a completely private social networking service for parents who want to keep a diary of their children’s early years.

Voted the most investable start-up by the investors at an event early this year hosted by CorkBIC and its Business Angel Partnership, the company is now a public beta phase and it has users in 20 different countries.

The main aim of the service is to capture all of the text messages, photos and videos of people’s children that flow through their mobile phones and save them somewhere safe for the future.

"I realised that as mobile devices were getting richer, there was a lot of convergence between devices, the speed of networks and cloud storage,” founder Eugene Murphy said. “While the major social networks are still doing well, a lot of people are stepping back. People are looking for alternative solutions for sharing content with family and a more intimate audience. That is where we are seeing real traction."

The company is now talking to investors with a view to taking the service on to the international market.

Never forget a precious moment again!

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