Our story

We believe in the beautiful complexity of modern, real, family life.

That's why our mission is to make it easy to record and privately share your real-life family moments.

Tweekaboo was inspired by family life. Our founder, Eugene, discovered that being a modern dad meant questioning why he had to miss out on the everyday moments of his children's lives. He wanted to stay connected to the highs, the lows, the laughter and the tears as they happened.

Eugene realized that every text, voicemail, photo, and video of his children's lives were stuck on his phone! He knew that each of these individual messages told bits of the story of his children's lives - they just were not being organized into a story!

As a parent, he knew he had to create a safe and private place to store and share these little moments - and that private place is Tweekaboo.

Our Team

Eugene Murphy

Eugene Murphy LinkedIn profile

Founder & CEO

Eugene, a lucky husband and proud dad of 4, set up Tweekaboo to make it easy for parents everywhere to record, share and relive the everyday moments of their kids' lives.

Jun Wang

Jun Wang LinkedIn profile

Software Engineer

Jun loves to make life easier by using technology cleverly and always pushing the boundaries to make sure our user experience is as simple as possible.

Caitriona Johansson

Caitriona Johansson LinkedIn profile

Brand and Marketing

A Tweekaboo addict and busy mom of 2, Caitriona's mission is to merge her own experience as a mom with our users' insights to ensure we always make parenting a little bit easier.

Fabio Gelmini

Fabio Gelmini LinkedIn profile

QA & Customer Care

Fabio makes sure that Tweekaboo works as it should and when it doesn't, he's the one who responds to all customer support requests and makes sure we fix any issues asap!

Elisabet Moliner Nau

Elisabet Moliner Nau LinkedIn profile

Marketing and Social Media

Eli is the voice of Tweekaboo and is always busy engaging with our users and spreading the word about Tweekaboo in both English and Español!

Roman Arkharov

Roman Arkharov LinkedIn profile

Software Engineer

Roman loves solving complex problems with super simple solutions and is vastly experienced at building applications that scale rapidly to serve a global customer base.

YOU! yes you...

We are always on the lookout for brilliant talent to join our team!

If you're passionate about using technology to make life easier, about reaching out to people everywhere using social media, about mobile, about cloud, about privacy and security, then we'd love to talk to you.

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