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18 Jun 2012 by David

First crawl - and you're off!

Harry, you crawled for the first time today and you smiled from ear to ear at your new found freedom. We're so proud!

  • Grandma 19 June 2012

    Josh - you're growing up so fast! We're very proud of our handsome grandson!! love Nana xxx

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24 May 2011 by Anna

It's a boy!!!!

Wow! What a day!!! Its hard to believe that this morning there were only two of us, and now we are three! It's amazing.

  • Dad 24 May 2011

    Alice - you're an angel. So quiet and content. We're blessed. xx Mom

  • Grandma 24 May 2011

    Such a gorgeous photo. Can't wait to meet her xxx

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2 Jun 2012 by Anna

First painting!

Katie, this was your first ever painting! It's a masterpiece. I was so proud I had to frame it!! How lucky am I to have an amazing little artist as a daughter!

  • Granddad 2 Jun 2012

    I still have your mom's first painting. Must find it and compare!!

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22 Dec 2010 by Anna

First scan!

Hi bump (daddy prefers to call you Junior)! We finally got to see you for the first time today. We were nervous and excited. The doctor says that you are perfectly normal!!

  • Dad 22 Dec 2010

    This is still all a bit surreal. We're so excited. We can't wait to meet you!!

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