Remember to Slow Down and Enjoy the Small Moments

Stop here. This is the Place.

The joint brainchild of photographer Winky Lewis and writer Susan Conley, “Stop here. This is the Place” chronicles a year in the lives of the two families and celebrates the joyful and often overlooked moments in childhood.

Featuring photographs by Winky Lewis and thought-provoking prose by Conley, the book gives the reader momentary insight into the moments that make childhood so meaningful and special.

The project began as an experiment in which Lewis would send a photograph of their children, and the street on which they all live, to Conley who, in turn, would send back a few lines to go with each photograph. The result was a story of a year in the lives of these two mothers and the simple but extraordinary moments that make up their lives with their children.

In making the series themselves, Lewis and Conley were forced to slow down their own lives, and allow themselves to appreciate the tiny memorable moments in their children’s lives. They, in turn, encourage their readers to “stop here” and enjoy the tiny moments as they are gone in the blink of an eye. Check out their incredible book here and don’t forget to Stop here. and enjoy your children. They grow up too fast and all we have left are memories.

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