Mother’s Day hacks for busy dads!


Calling all Dad’s!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and now’s the time to get organized!


Tweekaboo’s top tips for Dad’s on Mother’s Day!


Mom’s are the hardest working people we know… whether it’s kissing a scraped knee, making the world’s best PB&J or cheering their babies on at soccer games, mom’s are always on the move.

And if we know anything at Tweekaboo it’s this: a happy mom = a happy family!!!

So, Dads, May 12th is your chance to say thank you! So here’s a few daddy hacks to keep Mom smiling and stock you up on brownie points!


Top Tips for Mother's Day by Tweekaboo

Mother’s Day – Tweekaboo Top Tips

Get Crafty with the Kids

Complexity score (3/5): Be sure to get the little ones making cards for Mom! She will treasure them. For Grandma’s – we love Blue Mountain’s printable Grandmother cards and we’re sure you’re kids will love decorating them just as much as Grandma will love receiving them! You can even draw up special invitations for Grandparents and send it to them using your  Tweekaboo App!


Break the breakfast Mould!

Complexity score (4/5): Get the kids up early and surprise your significant other with breakfast in bed! Pancakes are a tasty treat and lots of fun to make with kids.

But have a bit of fun and get creative! Try and make the pancakes in different shapes and sizes and decorate with her favorite toppings. We love Disney Family’s recipe for buttermilk pancakes, perfect for smothering in fresh fruit! No good in the kitchen, pick up some of this, add milk and you’re Gordon Ramsey!

Don’t forgot Mom’s cup of steaming hot coffee on the side. Job done!




Mom only Zone!

Complexity score (1/5): This is the easiest way to say thank you mom!

It’s Moms special day so why not give her a few hours of un-interupted “Mom time”. Take the kids to the park and have a plan to entertain them for a few hours! Let Mom stay in bed with a stack of magazines, those magical pancakes you just made and that steaming cup of hot coffee. To score extra brownie points, make sure you have rented her fav boxset of The Good Wife!

Make Mother’s day a Family affair with Tweekaboo!

Complexity score (5/5): Make Mother’s Day a reason to get the whole family round for a special dinner to celebrate Mom and close family! Why not involve everyone and invite siblings or Grandparents over for a special home-made dinner! Check out our quick and easy Grandma blog for inspiration. Not feeling up to the big cook?

Then a picnic could be good too if the weather is good! Pop down to the deli. Load up on your deli’s finest fayre and off you go. It’s a great way to spend some quality time together. Be sure to take plenty of pics and save them to Tweekaboo!


Top tips for Mother's Day for Dads

Mother’s Day Top Tips


Cap it off with double chocolate anything!

Complexity score (2/5): This is the cherry on your mother’s day cake. Visit their favorite food market and buy her favorite cake. If there is chocolate sauce to go with that chocolate cake – invest your last dollar on it!

Doing this alone will make you a legend, but if you really want to win dad of the year, grab the kids and go clean up while you let mom relish in chocolate heaven in complete silence.

Follow these 5 steps and we guarantee that this Mother’s Day will rank at the top of the charts for best mother’s day ever!


Wishing all of our Tweekaboo Moms a very happy Mother’s Day,

Eugene and the Tweekaboo Team


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