Jenn’s RAQ (real & quirky) reviews Tweekaboo

Jenn lives in Texas with her husband and 5 young children. She reviews her experience with Tweekaboo below. 

Thanks for the kind words Jenn, we appreciate it! Keep Tweekaboo-ing!

Tweekaboo – Saving and Sharing Family Memories #giveaway

DECEMBER 14, 2013 BY 

I have a long history of saving every single picture that I possibly can.  To me, it is important to preserve these memories for my children and for myself.  Tweekaboo is a fantastic service for parents-to-be and families hoping to capture important memories.  You can even make a photo book out of all of your important entries.

tweekaboo photobook

Something that I feel stands out as completely different about Tweekaboo is that it has you input each picture  journal-entry style.  Instead of just doing a mass upload of pictures to wade through later, you put your picture in with a date, a headline/title, and then a little caption to help explain it a bit.


Capturing Important Memories

One fun example of how to use tweekaboo would be as a pregnancy journal, complete with belly pics, ultrasound pics, and newborn shots.  Another great idea would be to create a book with pictures of all of your child’s priceless artwork from the whole school year.  Keeping the actual papers is unrealistic, at least trying to keep all of them, but by taking a photo and labeling and describing it, you are keeping the spirit of the creation alive!  Another fun idea would be to create a year-in-review style book, but instead of waiting until the end of the year, capture those memories as you go all year long for easy round-up at the end of the year.


Getting Social & Sharing the Love

Tweekaboo is all about sharing!!  Invite your friends and family.  When you put a picture on tweekaboo, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, and with invited family and friends.  You and invited people can also comment on photos.  This is a great way to keep the whole family connected and together

Tweekaboo is a free iPhone app that makes it easy for busy moms and dads to journal their pregnancy and baby’s moments, share them with each other and with family and instantly save them to an online scrapbook which can be printed at the tap of a button. Think of it as private messaging mixed with a baby book. If you are looking for an easy way to record the story of your child’s life as you share it – then look no further!


Tweekaboo founder, Eugene Murphy, discovered that being a modern dad meant questioning why he had to miss out on the magical moments of his children’s lives. He wanted an easy way to stay connected to the daily highs and lows, the laughter and the tears as they happened, so he came up with Tweekaboo.

With the free Tweekaboo iPhone app, photos, videos and notes of your child’s life are instantly organized in an online pregnancy and baby journal that you can access anytime – on mobile or the web. Both parents sign up to Tweekaboo and update a personal journal for each of their children by simply tagging the moments with their children’s names as they save them.

With Tweekaboo, you can capture moments on-the-go, saves them as they happen, keep family up to date, and quickly print beautiful memory books (called Tweekabooks!) – all using your iPhone or via the Tweekaboo website.


The printed Tweekabook is a beautiful 8.5” x 8.5” hardcover book with high quality gloss printed pages. The minimum book size is 24 pages. We think that Tweekaboo has reinvented the traditional baby book as a way to preserve, print and relive the everyday moments that we all forget. Why do we think you should download Tweekaboo? Because every moment matters!

Download the free app.  You can use this with your iphone, your computer, or an Android app is in the works for 2014!  Go ahead and download the app or start uploading your memories on their website to capture your precious memories. :)

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