I wonder what Will was thinking on that drive home?

Welcome to the world George Alexander Louis Cambridge! Although 4 babies are born every second, the world pretty much stopped and stared to get to see you. At 8lb 6oz, your ability to bring a nation together is already legendary! We look forward to getting to know you more.


How surreal it must all be for Will and Kate. Cameras were camped outside the Lindo wing for a month. For such an intimate and life changing family moment, the eyes of the world were on their every move. No quiet yet panic filled race to the Maternity Hospital. No having to message family and friends that you were “gone in” – CNN & Twitter took care of that!

Royal mania and prying cameras aside, the birth of baby Cambridge was a wonderful event. In the same way families everywhere come together to meet the newest arrival in their lives, the whole of the UK came together to share in the joy of the birth of a new heir. It was everyday family euphoria at serious scale. Even my own kids were glued to Sky News waiting for Will and Kate to walk through that door. My 3 year old was captivated. Another little girl who shall remain nameless even sighed: “It would make you want to marry someone famous mum!”


When a new baby is born, families resonate at a higher emotional frequency. It’s a very cool and very powerful event. All of a sudden, this scrunched up little person captivates our attention and reminds us in an instant what life is all about.


A new life. A new person. A new family. A new generation. It’s what inspired me to develop Tweekaboo.


When our first was born, Caroline and I walked into the maternity unit a couple but we walked out a family. Up until then we both had our own families and never really thought of ourselves as a family. But the labor ward changed all of that. Everything was new. New baby. New family. New priorities. New perspectives.


New humility: for the first time in my life I realized that I had zero control over anything. It humbled me to my core. I found an even deeper respect for the incredible capacity of my wife and best friend to go through the perils of labor and come back to me safely with a beautiful, dark-blue eyed little girl. Suddenly, my blinkers were off. I saw life in panorama. No more self centered, tunnel vision of the world. Now I had a little girl to protect. And it changed me forever.


I wonder if Will is feeling the same way? I wonder if his protective instincts are suddenly kicking into overdrive? I wonder if he resented not having the chance to share a quiet, proud and intimate stroll from the hospital door to his car with Kate? I wonder is he resented not having the chance to paranoidly triple check the fastenings of the car seat before driving off to a new life? I wonder if he is now more motivated than ever to cocoon his wife and son from the unwanted glare of the world’s media?

For me, if I can even try to imagine it from his perspective, it must be the ultimate “circle the wagons” moment.


I admire the grace and class they both displayed to the world’s media when I’m sure their first desire was to sneak out the back door and drive anonymously home to a new life.

In the context of such intrusive attention of the media, and the lightning fast ability of social media to make their every move an instant worldwide phenomenon, never before have I appreciated the need for privacy when it comes to family.


This is the world’s first digital heir.

I wonder how the Cambridge’s will manage to live a “normal” life in this era of instant virality?

One thing for sure, it will be a boon for the Royal Family’s publicity, but at what cost to the aspirations of Will and Kate to live a relatively “normal” family life…




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