Happy New Year guys!

2013 was a crazy year. It absolutely flew by. It was very busy and very technical for us here at Tweekaboo. We achieved a lot but still have a lot more stuff to do in 2014. Think better print, better app, Android!

It was great to take some time off over the holidays and climb out of the tech trenches. After spending some proper, analog qt with the kids, I can’t help but notice how quickly the years are flying by – how quickly the kids are growing up into little adults and how swiftly the fashion trends are changing in my house!

It’s amazing to see our babies become little people with their own minds, tastes and opinions and its even more awe inspiring to see them develop and learn new skills with absolute ease. It makes me jealous how quickly they can grasp and master new concepts.

So, my vacation induced pensiveness got my creative juices flowing again and I put my parental thoughts on paper for the first time in a while and here it is:

As I tuck you all in just as midnight draws near
I want to wish you 4 a happy new year

As we enter ’14 after ’13 flew by
I can’t help but wonder what next year will supply

To my amazing 4 buddies full of laughter and cheer
Fearless and optimistic for the coming New Year

Will you master the piano?
Will you score many goals?
Will you conquer those phonics?
Will you still melt old souls?

Will you always be happy?
Will no stresses you feel?
Will you mingle and be accepted?
Or will life get too real?

As parents we get consumed in the chaos of real life
And the myriad of issues that bring us some strife

My one wish here at midnight is that strife you’ll not know
And health, laughter and wonder remain yours as you grow.

Happy New Year everyone.
Thanks to all of our users for supporting us in 2013.
We look forward to serving you in 2014.
We wish you and your family a healthy, happy and prosperous 2014.
Eugene & the Team.

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