Happy 1st birthday mom.

Our resident super mom Caitriona – who is busily settling in to life +2 – sent us this link today to take a look.

This is a wonderful perspective on the amazing new journey of becoming a parent. It’s real. It’s open. We dare you not to me moved when you look at it. But more importantly, it speaks to something which we know at Tweekaboo but which is rarely mentioned or discussed: dads want to play a bigger role in the lives of their children and very few are lucky enough to get the chance.

From that first positive pregnancy test, nothing “really” changes for dad – for a while. Ok – mom is voraciously consuming content on pregnancy and parenting apps / blogs / sites / forums etc., but for dad life pretty much goes on as before. Until the purchasing and prep begins. Ante natal classes. Getting the nursery ready. Shopping for the essentials. Making sure that buggy can corner like a Ferrari etc!!!

Parenting is wonderful and hard. We all wish we could do more, better. We all want to be “better” parents and we hold ourselves against some pretty high standards which – let’s face it – result in the majority of us feeling guilty or conflicted. If only we had more time….

The years fly by and that’s why we’re building Tweekaboo into a simple way to capture moments. Not the big ones – the birthdays, the family gatherings, Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving etc., but the little everyday moments that – for what feels like the blink of an eye – make us smile, make us proud and then vanish into the fog of every day, real-life parenthood.

We love this video because it’s a celebration of the million little things that moms – those amazing, superhuman beings who we are lucky to share our lives with – do. Every minute of every day. We also love it because it speaks to how dad’s feel in a very honest way – that longing to play a bigger role.

Take a moment. Take 3:48 seconds out of your day and get carried along by this video. With or without subtitles the emotion is impossible to deflect.


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