Tweekaboo’s Top Five Baby Apps for new Parents

Having a new baby is simply one of the most magical moments of your life. You spend months preparing, but nothing compares you for the real deal when baby arrives and you suddenly find yourself in the deep end. 


Welcome to Parenthood!

Parenthood is not exactly how you and your partner had initially imagined it. Let’s face it – nothing can prepare you for it! Your sleep cycle goes haywire and the only way you seem to be taking your coffee lately is by the bucket load! Don’t worry, Tweekaboo’s parents know all too well about the exhausting but magical first few precious months of parenthood.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite baby apps for new parents to help parents get through those first few “magical months”!




Baby Apps: Helping keep new Parents ‘Appy

1. White Noise Lite:  If you’re up every few hours for feeds with your partner sleeping soundly next to you (Don’t you just HATE it when they do that!) then this is the app for you. Help yourself get back to sleep with these soothing sounds. This is one of those perfect baby apps for breastfeeding Moms.

2.  Laugh and Learn: Where’s Puppy’s nose:  We love this bright and educational Puppy and Kitty baby app. Your baby can tap and shake this app and both characters will teach your baby about nose, ear, eyes, mouth, foot, tummy, hand & head.  It’s colorful and loud and a easy way to keep your baby entertained and give you time to have a cuppa.

3.  Baby Pack and Go: This baby app is a must have for new moms still suffering from bouts of  ”baby brain“. If your a Mom who loves a checklist, this handy little app has a nifty checklist to remind you of what you need before you leave the house. No more running back for the diaper bags… check!

4.  Baby Massage Basics: Did you ever wish there was a “how to” manual to tell you how to calm your baby? A magic formula to get them to sleep? Sometimes it can take months to find! This is one of those baby apps that has the magic touch! It shows you how to give effective massages to help calm your baby and let them drift off to sleep. A great ones for Dads who want to some bonding time with baby before bed.




5.  GrubHub: Are you just too tired to cook dinner?  Take a night off and order a home cooked meal from one of your favorite restaurants. Pick it up on his way home! Sit down and enjoy a few minutes together. A delicious dinner with no wash up afterwards…yes please!



Real Parenting: Life’s best kept secret

Modern parenting is just about as real as it gets! In those first few weeks it can be an endurance test for you and your partner! The upside is, parenting rewards in a way you would never have expected; The little giggle in the middle of the night. The hug from your partner at just the right time. That extra hour of unexpected sleep. It all keeps you afloat so you can enjoy those precious moments as you get to know your baby.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of baby apps that help make parenting that little bit easier!

All the best,

The Tweekaboo Team



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