Dig up some family moments on Earth Day!

This Monday the 22nd of April is Earth Day!

Earth Day was created to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment and is coordinated by theĀ Earth Day Network.

We decided to take a different (and literal) angle on earth day and instead went digging in the garden with the little ones to see what we uncovered!

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Apart from being a bonanza for the likes of these guys getting back to the simple things with your kids is what family moments are all about. Get those coveralls and boots on, root out those buckets and spades from the garage and you’re good to go!

It was amazing to see how the kids reacted to what turned up in every shovel of earth we dug up. In general there was a lot of squeals which were a hybrid of wonder, intrigue and disgust! The beetles were definitely a no-go in terms of getting in there and touching them, but the earth worms were fair game in general and the children were pretty calm and excited once they get beyond the initial fear factor.

Beyond being a great way to spend quality (and let’s face it – free) time with your children, getting your kids to go digging in the dirt and touching all those “earth-dwellers” is great sensory stimulation for your child.

If digging in the yard is a little bit too “earthy” for you on a Sunday afternoon, we’ve unearthed(!!) a great link at Inhabitots.com for “8 easy earth day activities for kids of all ages

Lot’s of easy inspiration in there to while away your Sunday afternoon.

We hope you and your family have a wonderful Earth Day!

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