From Adoration to Admiration

I was looking back over the past 5 years this week, and having had the pleasure of witnessing my kids move from stage to stage (way too quickly), I realized that as a new parent, the phase you go through when your little ones are probably 0-4 years of age is Adoration.

I adore my kids. Although the days can be long and they can pull and drag you all over the place and wear you down with incessant crying, pleading and questions (yes – that’s what real-life parenting is like in our house), they can equally melt your heart with a smile or with a deep gaze into your soul. They will crack you up with an hilarious saying. They will make you laugh when they laugh so heartily you cannot resist laughing along.

That’s what being a parent is all about.

That why we love our kids.

That’s why we absolutely adore them.

Adoration to admiration

But as they grow up, things get even cooler. You see them form into little people stage by stage. You see them figure things out for themselves. You constantly answer questions (mostly repetitive “why’s”) as they drill down into how the world works, why things are the way they are and try to make sense of it all.

And then they start to feed all that back to you. They process, they compute and they move forward. They join dots. They start helping themselves.

That first time they put on their socks themselves. Their first time getting dressed. That first time they proudly march off to the potty and tell you that they don’t need a chaperone anymore! The first time they say they no longer want to use the potty any more (woo hoo!).

The first time they cycle that bike. The first time they score that goal. That first ballet perfromace. That first time they perform on stage and you’d give your right arm to be there to hold their hand. The first time they play that tune on the piano without missing a note. The first time they rattle you in a game of chess.

These are proud moments. These are moments tinged with a little bit of sadness as you realize they’re growing up way too fast.

But these are also very, very cool moments. These are the moments that as a parent you realize that your kids will surpass your own achievements in life. These are the moments when you realize that adoration grows into admiration.

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