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I received a rather lovely email from the Tweekaboo Team a few of weeks ago asking whether I’d be interested in making my ownTweekabook Baby Book for Busby.What is Tweekaboo?
Tweekaboo is a site designed for families. It’s for busy parents that don’t have time to put together scrapbooks of their pregnancies and children’s pictures. It’s also for parents who want to record and share their family life without covering their Facebook timeline in photos, or without worrying their privacy might be compromised.Tweekaboo is a brilliant way to share “moments” online with a close knit group of people who can comment and share their own moments in turn. You can invite family and friends to view your Tweekaboo account.You can import images from Facebook, and in doing this, Tweekaboo imports the captions and comments that accompany those moments… and then you can make a memory Tweekabook from these!

The Tweekabook 
Creating the baby book was a really lovely activity – I enjoyed going back through my photos, looking at pictures of a very teeny, squishy Busby and reading the comments from the very beginning of her life. It hasn’t helped my broodiness levels at all, but I never tire of looking at baby photos of Busby!!

It was a very quick process – I managed to create Busby’s Tweekabook in one lunchtime. The platform is really easy to use, and you can drag and drop images and move them around the page.

I liked that you can delete comments and edit statuses that you might not necessarily want to record forever. I found it a really interesting activity seeing who was around now, compared to when Busby first arrived.

The Tweekabook arrived quickly, and I was very impressed with the quality. It’s a hard back book and the printing quality is great. It would make a really lovely gift for Grandparents who might not be on Facebook and miss out on the every day photos.

The Tweekabook costs $29.95 USD, which is a little bit on the pricey side, but it is definitely something I will treasure forever and it’s perfect for my Blog Baby!
Head over to the Tweekaboo website to explore!

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