An Online Journal for tech savvy parents.

Here at Tweekaboo, we’re very focused on ensuring that all of our parents receive the best user experience possible.

Thanks to our Tweekaboo parent’s feedback to, we’ve released some fresh new sharing features on our App for all of our Tweekaboo parents to enjoy when they journal and share moments of their baby’s and children’s lives.


Apps for modern family life.

Parents are the hardest working people in the world, believe us we know!

That’s why our mission is to make it easy for parents all over the world to journal and remember every first and milestone from the day their baby is born to their toddler’s first steps to their child’s first day of school – and every magical moment in between. As working parents we find it impossible to juggle daycare, doctor’s appointments, kindergarten, play dates, school runs, T-ball and work deadlines. There’s never enough time to do everything you wish you could.

So when we saw Yuilop’s list of top 5 parenting Apps that help  make parents’ lives easier, we were super tech-cited :)

Making real life Parenting easier.

Tweekaboo is for parents and parents who want an easy way to track and journal their pregnancy and baby milestones.

It’s a secure way to diary and organize all of your new family memories into a beautiful digital memory book which we preserve safely and securely for you, forever. Tweekaboo is a simple way to share baby photos and videos just with family. No more wondering who will be viewing your content. No more double checking your comment before you post it. Tweekaboo is a private space where families can come together to share online.

Tweekaboo tackles the woe of forgotten memories head on by capturing and storing them all for you in your very own private online journal.

Never miss a moment and sign up now and start your Tweekaboo journal straight away.

What moments will you save and share this weekend?

We’re planning a trip to the zoo so plenty of snaps of little monkeys to follow!

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