5 tips for keeping your Baby Journal up-to-date

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Online baby journals and baby journal apps like Tweekaboo are an easy way to record the every day moments and milestones of your child’s life. Now that you have chosen an app to help you diary your child’s life, here are some tips on how to keep your baby diary up to date!

With a baby in your life, time is a precious commodity. When people think about keeping a diary – they usually think of it being a chore. But diary and journal apps like Tweekaboo take the pain out of staying on top of those memories. With Tweekaboo, you’ll find that keeping your baby’s journal current is a lot easier than you might imagine.

# 1. Your phone is your camera now

Let’s face it, our smartphone never leaves us. As a result its never been easier to capture your baby’s moments. With Tweekaboo, simply take a moment to make a moment by adding a caption and a short note to that baby photo or cute video. and then sharing it with family before getting on with your day.

# 2. Try and develop a routine

Even if it’s once a week or once a day, try and set aside a few moments to go back over your day and pick the best moment or two to save in your baby journal. Maybe it’s that 5 minutes in bed before you crash after another crazy day! With our background sync feature, all you need is a few moments to import photos, videos, or text, or record another milestone. Making that daily update a part of your schedule is the best way to ensure you record every moment.

# 3. Keep track of medical events

Use Tweekaboo to keep track of every doctor visit, every time your baby becomes unwell and most definitely every medication that is prescribed to your baby. In the chaos of the every day routine, we quickly forget that our baby might have been on to the doctor 3 time already for tonsilitis and patterns that can point to a more serious concern can easily get lost unless we take a few moments to keep track. With Tweekaboo that’s easy, just create an Album called medical and categorize your medical notes accordingly.

#  4. Share photos and videos privately with family

Without a doubt, the easiest way to keep your baby diary up to date is to use Tweekaboo to share your baby photos and videos privately with family. Tweekaboo allows you to combine the act of sharing and journaling – so every time you get the impulse to tell the world how wonderful your baby is – simply share a moment with Tweekaboo and we automatically keep your journal up to date. The best feature of all though is the fact that we store comments from grandparents, family and friends along with each moment so that you can record how everyone felt at the time.

# 5. Print your baby journal

What better motivation to keep your journal up to date than to print all those moments into a priceless keepsake baby diary / baby memory book? With Tweekaboo, we automatically organize the moments you journal and share into a ready to print baby memory book all using your iPhone. Having a physical copy of your baby’s memories is a wonderful way to journal their life story and it makes a fantastic gift for family and friends.

We hope you found our tips useful.

Better still, why not start your baby journal right now!?


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