The new Tweekaboo Android app

We recently launched our new Tweekaboo Android app on the Google Play Store and we’re thrilled to introduce it to you!

After listening to your feedback and lots of development, we’re excited to offer our Android users an app to save their precious moments and share them with family and friends. The new Tweekaboo Android app is faster, has more features and has been optimised for Android smartphones and tablets.

To download the new Tweekaboo Android app, click or tap on the button below:

Download Android app

Here are some of the main new features!

1. Upload your photos from the camera roll, Instagram and Dropbox!

Tweekaboo makes it easy for you to collect your moments from all the places you might have saved them so that they are all in one place and ready for you to create your Tweekabook! Easily upload your photos from Instagram and Dropbox (Facebook is coming!) and let Tweekaboo organise them chronologically for you!

Tweekaboo Android - Upload

2. Share your moments privately with family and friends or share them with your wider network on Facebook.

Tweekaboo lets you choose who you want to share your photos with and how much you want to share with them. You can either share with family/friends privately on Tweekaboo or post your favorite moments to Facebook.

Tweekaboo Android - Share


3. Scroll your child’s timeline and relive your most precious moments.

Your Tweekaboo moments are saved chronologically so going through them is like watching you children growing all over again.

 Tweekaboo Android - Timeline

3. View, edit and print a beautiful keepsake photo book from your smartphone or tablet.

Making your Tweekabook is incredibly easy with Tweekaboo. When you have enough moments in your timeline, just choose the Print option and we automatically organise your timeline into a printable or PDF Tweekabook in minutes. You choose the size/importance of those photos and which comments you would like to include. Then, simply order and enjoy!

Tweekaboo Android Tweekabook

These and other more features are available on our new Android app. Download it now from Google Play!

  1. Comment from: Anjali

    I am so thrilled that tweekaboo has an android app. I tried installing it but it just keeps saying “installing…” and does nothing further.
    I’d highly appreciate it if someone could help.


  2. Comment from: Tweekaboo

    Hi Anjali,

    Thanks for your message. I have taken note of your email address and will have someone get in touch to help you out!

    Thanks for using Tweekaboo! Would you be interested in reviewing the new android app for us once you’ve had a chance to use it? We would love to post your comments on our website!

    All the best,